Why Buy From Us

  1. We have a very good network with some of the most trustworthy, reliable, high quality factories and warehouses that produce trendiest, up-to-date, high quality makeup, lashes, accesories, apparel and cell phone accesories
  2. Only the most sought-out, up-to-date, most in demand products are selected by team of fashion and beauty advisors
  3. Our products are made from the same factories as the brand name makeup companies, lash companies and apparel companies, its the same thing you see on celebrities, popular instagram stores/models, the same quality and the same material just that our products are shipped straight from the factories unlike the brand name ones which are shipped into someone's warehouse, packaged in their logo and charge you double, triple or even quadruple.
  4. Most  of our products other than heavy apparel are also free shipping with tracking number
  5. Why not purchase from us the same products instead of paying extra for packaging and logo? You only have to wait an extra week more than other sites for shipping on the average.  Try it!  You will save so much money that you need for other important things in life such as Vacations :)


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